How to print every item in a list

How can I get items inside a list to print into the terminal individually in Python

List = ["cat", "dog", "snake"]

I want them to print to the terminal on a separate line like




Oh I googled it

I did google it before but I didn't phrase it correctly

for x in list:

I will save you some time in the future then for other data structures

# list
x = [1, 2, 3]
for thing in x:

# dictionary
x = { "a": "apple", "b": "banana" }

## For everything here, don't rely on the order you get them in being the same always

for key in x:
    print(key) # will give you "a" and "b"

for key in x.keys():
    print(key) # identical behaviour to the above, but a bit more explicit

for value in x.values():
    print(value) # Will give you "apple" and "banana"

for key, value in x.items():
    print(key) # Will give you the pairs ("a", "apple") and ("b", "banana")

"a" in x # Will evaluate to True
"apple" in x # Will evaluate to False. "in" with a dictionary checks keys.

# sets
x = { 1, 2, 3 }

for thing in x:
    print(thing) # Will give you 1, 2, and 3, but just like dicts dont rely on the order

## A set is the data structure you should use if you want a list of things where it wouldn't matter
## how many times something is in the list and you don't care about the ordering of those things

1 in x # Will evaluate to True
4 in x # Will evaluate to False

## Small note, make an empty set by calling set(), not by using empty braces {} - That will create an empty dictionary

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