Is it okay to have a class with just methods

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would it be ok to just have a class with methods, no class parameters?


class Thing{
    public Thing(){

in java

So specifically if you want to do that you have a few considerations.

Java kinda obscures this, but first consider "Does this method perform a side effect" meaning, does it read from a db, write to a db, print something out, load a file, etc.

If the answer is NO then you can make a "Utils" class

class Utils {
    private Utils() {} // We don't need to construct this class so just disallow it

    // This is a pure function so it is perfectly fine to put it into a helper method like this
    public static absoluteValuePlusOne(int num) {
        return Math.abs(num) + 1;

If the answer is YES then there is some value in a class with no parameters. Namely, that class can implement an interface.

Lets say this was your behaviour

MyDataSource dataSource = new MyDataSource();
List<OrderItem> items = dataSource.getItems();

If you wanted to make that behaviour customizable you can put that in an interface.

(IF being a word I want you to notice: When you "abstract" you make code a little harder to understand so always consider if you actually want that)

public interface DataSource {
    // Does a thing
    List<OrderItem> getItems();

And use a class with an empty constructor to implement it

public class MyDataSource implements DataSource {
    public MyDataSource() {}
    public List<OrderItem> getItems() {
        // ... Some implementation goes here ...

Which provides you the benefit of being able to swap in how that behaviour is done later on or in different places in your code

DataSource dataSource = new MyDataSource(); // Can be any implementation
List<OrderItem> items = dataSource.getItems();
public someMethodInSomeClass(DataSource dataSource, String userId) {
    // ... can do some hoopla and not have to be changed if your method of retrieving data changes
    // (the example is kinda contrived, I know, but basically every programming example is)

Using an interface in key places also has implications for how you test your code, but I won't get into that now.

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