What is it

urlencoder encodes URL components using rules determined by combining the unreserved character set from RFC 3986 with the percent-encode set from application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

Why use it

The built-in encodes strings into the "HTML form encoding."

This is very slightly different from the form of encoding that should be used for URLs. In the specifications for URIs (URLs are a subset of URIs), spaces are encoded as %20. In application/x-www-form-urlencoded, spaces are usually encoded as +, though %20 would also be valid.

Because uses + for spaces, other libraries can fail to decode data properly.

The UrlEncoder class in this library uses %20 for spaces and is also reportedly more efficient than

Getting Started

import com.uwyn.urlencoder.UrlEncoder;

void main() {
    var string = "Hello world";
    var encoded = UrlEncoder.encode(string);
    System.out.println(encoded); // Hello%20world
    var decoded = UrlEncoder.decode(encoded);
    System.out.println(decoded); // Hello world

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